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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Break-Up Love Story... Who cares about you....

If you're in love just think about your partner not about others...
If you wanna Love Just Love else just keep quite. Don't play with others life...
A True Break-Up Story...

Break Up love story..

One Fine Morning Boy called her Life(Girl)
Boy: Hi Angel, Good Morning! How are you. It's been 9hrs i didn't talked with you but i saw you in my dreams..
Girl: Oh!! OK...
Boy: Ah Diamond.. Had Break Fast?
Girl: No, Not yet. Please I got headache let me sleep..
Boy: Shall i bring tablets..
Girl: Oh God.. Please leave me alone..

+++++ After 2hrs +++++

Girl gave miss call to boy..
Boy: Hey baby.. I Love you.. How is your headache now..
Girl: I need to talk with you about my life.
Boy: Sure gold. Say me ..
Girl: I think we should break up...
Boy: :O
Girl: Are you there?
Boy: yes, what happen ?
Girl: Nothing . Just like that. I'm not comfortable with you...
Break up is best for us.
Boy: But, what's the reason. Are you crazy??
Girl: How dare you to say me Crazy?? AGrrrrrrrrrrr x-(
You cheat.. You spoiled my life.. and now you saying am crazy.. How dare you to call me like that.? You shit, You fuck off. You cheat, You used me..........
Boy: Please baby... I beg you.. :(( Please Ra come back..

"Girl" changed her number....

"Boy" Keep on calling the same old number

++++++ After 1month++++++

"Boy" Keep used to calling her heart.

+++After 1year+++++++

"Boy" Still he used to call her But no response..

++++++After 2year+++++++
Still "Boy" used to call but no response her...... !!!!!!

Break Up Plan...

P.S: Love is great but fake love sucks.....

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